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BBQ Smokers, Pig Roasters, Chicken Cookers, and Grills From Meadow Creek

Testimonials From Meadow Creek Customers

Read stories from people who use and love their Meadow Creek equipment. Got a story to tell? Send it to us for consideration.

“Made us more profitable and more unique”

Dear Lavern,

I just wanted to send you some pictures from a couple of the Pigroasts & Chicken BBQ’s we’ve been having at our restaurant. As I’ve told you, I own two restaurants and have been in this business for over 25 years. Having PIG ROASTS is probably the most popular thing we’ve done and the Meadow Creek Pig Roaster is an incredible piece of equipment. We were very surprised to see the quality of the product, as well as how easy it is to operate. Our customers love being part of the process and seeing the Pig (and other items) cooking. The smell alone drives people crazy. I just wanted to say thank you for your help and for providing me with such a quality piece of equipment. It has made us more profitable and more unique.


John McCarthy

Casey’s Publichouse

Holliston, MA

“The smoker is great and the food tastes great”

Block party get together. Breaking in the new TS250 Smoker.

The smoker is great and the food tastes great. Used it this weekend to smoke 12 racks of ribs and brats and burgers on the grill for our group at the Ohio State Sporting Clays Shoot. Had many complements and more people are bringing food next year for me to smoke at the shoot… Purchased mine in Applecreek Ohio about 50 miles from me. Thanks for your info and tips.

Great Smoking


“Booked an event in September and a private party in 2 weeks!”



I just wanted to let you know that the BBQ42 that I purchased from you this past Friday is awesome!

The first time I used it was the very next day, cooking chicken wings at Pops on The River and they turned out great. It helped make our vending debut in Chattanooga a big success. Within minutes of the wings placed on the cooker and the smell working its way through the crowd, I booked an event in September and a private party in 2 weeks!

I was able to cook 75-80 lbs of wings per hour with ease and without getting Carpel Tunnel in my wrist from turning each wing. The consistency with each batch was seamless and they were cooked to perfection.

Today I grilled some burgers on the unit and was truly surprised with how juicy they came out. I will be in touch with you soon about the griddle option for this unit to explore how versatile it is. Again, thank you and I will send some photos of my BBQ42 in action at our next event.

Calvin Steele

Fresh Squeezed Vending Concepts

“I learned a lot and the hog turned out great!”

My First Hog Roast! I learned a lot and the hog turned out great!”

Anthony Ginter

“You guys have the best website for Meadow Creek equipment.”

Hello Lavern,

Yes I have a PR60T. I used mine for the first time just a little while ago. I made 16″ homemade pizzas on mine. I like the light smokey taste the Chef Select charcoal imparts onto the pizza. I have attached some pictures of my first run on the PR60T. I’ll send pictures of the next cook I do.

Sadly enough I didn’t buy it from you guys. Between you and Marlin you guys have been most helpful. With the help the both of you have given me I decided I will share my experiences with you guys. I like traveling down the unbeaten path when it comes to grilling. I hope you don’t mind.

You guys have the best website for Meadow Creek equipment. The information and the articles keep me coming back to read your site more and more. Thank-you for your information. I’ll keep you guys posted on my future successes or failure (something to laugh at).

Chat with you later,


“Here is one of many pictures from the Phoenix Oktoberfest”


Here is one of many pictures from the Phoenix Oktoberfest. We cooked 6 whole pigs (avg weight 85lbs) throughout the day on a PR60 (2 pigs at a time) and a PR42.

Nathan Lichte

“Like the way you take care of people after the sale as well as during the sale.”

This past weekend I competed in an amature rib cook-off at a local yacht club. There was 17 BBQ teams and 6 judges. The judges have been through a BBQ Judge Certification class. I took First Place in this competition.

Here are some pics from the 4th of July BBQ. We roasted 40 half chickens, and then we roasted 72 lbs of pork ribs. The chicken was good, but the ribs were fantastic.

You can use any or all of them if you want.

Here are a couple of pictures of the pigs just prior to our removing them from the roaster.

We roasted two each 60 lb pigs at about 325 for about 8 hrs, and we feed right at 120 people.

In picture #004, that is me on the left in the white shirt, with Rick in the center with the black apron, and Geno on the right.

Rick is my bbq partner and he is a professional butcher. Rick knows where every bone in the pigs body is and how to get the most yield from the meat, so we let Rick be in charge of the carving of the pig and we lend a helping hand.

We know that it is ok to serve pork @ 165-170, but we have found if you let the pork cook a little more say 185-190 that the tissues that hold the meat together starts to break down and the meat literally just falls apart on you when you are carving the pig, which is the way we like to serve it.

It was a great day and everyone loved the pig.

Working with Meadow Creek and Smoky Mountain BBQ has been a great experience. I really like the way you take care of people after the sale as well as during the sale.

I was very pleased with the way the BBQ was crated for shipment.

Like any BBQ, you have to get to know how it cooks. This takes a few times at using the BBQ.

My learning curve has been on how to control the temp, and this is a learning cure. This is not something you can say; well it’s like this or that. This is something one learns on his/her own. There are many variables.

September 5, 2009 will be my debut with the pigs. I am going to attempt to roast 2 each 60 lbs pigs at the same time on the lower grill. I will turn the pigs end to end, with the head of one pig on one end and the head of one pig on the other end of the grill.

I believe my target temp will be not to exceed 325, and I’m guessing 8 hours of roasting time.

Thanks for all of your help.

Bill Jones

Martinez , CA. 94553


“Heads and Shoulders Above the Competition”


Ardyth and I are very excited about Meadow Creek Smoker. After reading and viewing many sites looking for a smoker, The Meadow Creek line came out Heads and shoulders above the competition.

Thank you,

Steve and Ardyth Cornell

“An Exceptional Piece of Equipment”


Last week I took our Meadow Creek cooker (PR72G) on its “maiden voyage”. I cooked a 230# hog for our Restaurant Managers Cookout and it was absolutely superb — both the result and the cooker.

I can’t say enough about the cooker, which performed admirably. It is an exceptional piece of equipment — one that we will use again, soon and often. It’s quality and dependability throughout!

Many thanks.


A. J. Iovino

VP Marketing

Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne, Inc.

7100 W Jefferson Blvd

Fort Wayne, IN 46804

“These cookers make a seasoned professional out of an amateur.”



I received the trailer and have been working very hard to get everything up and running for my BBQ business, I’m really impressed with the quality of this equipment, and so is everyone else who stops to look at it too. This past weekend I fired it up and cooked 4 pork butts, 8 racks of st. Lewis style ribs, and a case of whole chicken legs. They turned out the best I’ve ever made, no exaggeration!!! These cookers make a seasoned professional out of an amateur. This was well worth the wait.

Thanks again,


JD’s Smoky Pit BBQ

“Turned out perfectly!”

I love my pig cooker. I’ve made whole pigs (63 and 80 pounders),
Salmon, pork shoulders, chicken and this Thanksgiving we will cook up
turkeys. All turned out perfectly!

Thank you.

Steve Kagan


PS: attached is a photo of my most recent pig on the Meadow Creek.

“Paul Yoder’s first try at smoking ribs on an SQ36 Smoker.”


“I do alot of cooking and It has NEVER let me down.”

There is no force in the world as we know it that would make me give-up my PR60T. I do alot of cooking and It has NEVER let me down as far as performance and price is concerned !! I don’t endorse many thing’s but, I would gladly suggest this or any other Meadow Creek cooker to some-one who really want’s the best meat ever cooked !! When i’m ready for an up-grade you’ll be getting a call from me. Couldn’t thank you folks enough for such a great Roaster/grill/smoker.

Wade Janes

“It cooks some of best steaks I’ve done in the last 40 years”

The BBQ26S Chicken Cooker is GREAT! Personally I’m not a huge fan of chicken but the cooker makes it easy and the Meadow Creek BBQ spices go extremely well with chicken. In short I have a new respect for chicken and have used the cooker a bunch this spring. I have used it to cook 15 lbs. mix of split breast and quarter at one time for our youth group at church. The youth group is still talking about it as the best BBQ chicken they have had. I have also used it to cook 10 lbs. of chicken for a family get together and they all loved the chicken.

Then we have personal use. Periodically I will cook 5 or 10 lbs. of chicken for use during the coming week. This is a great time saver, just pack the cooked chicken into a plastic sealed tub, put it in the fridge, and reheat it in the microwave. Pack for lunch to eat at work and make all your co-workers hungry with the smell of hickory smoked barbecue chicken from the microwave.

Probably the best thing about the Meadow Creek BBQ26S is its versatility. I can load it with charcoal and hickory chunks, close the lid, and adjust the dampers to extend the cook time out to an hour and a half for some nicely smoked BBQ Chicken. I also have the fixed charcoal grate and griddle. By setting the charcoal pan at the higher location the cooker makes a superb charcoal grill. It cooks some of best steaks I’ve done in the last 40 years. Same goes for the griddle.

John Moyers

“Everyone was really pleased with the food.”

Thanks Marlin,

I did a test run with 13 Slabs and 4 Chickens. They turned out Great. Only thing I did wrong initially was too much charcoal. Was unable to maintain the heat between 225 – 250. After I removed some coals the Temp settled right in. Thats why the test run before I do an actual Pig. Everyone was really pleased with the food. Awesome grill and they could not believe I ordered it and had it shipped in. I just replied you get what you pay for!!

Thanks again


Mike K

“Pig Cook for 2012 Army Navy Game”

Hi Lavern,

Here’s some pics of the Dec 8th 2012 Pig cook for Army Navy Game at VFW Post 3256 Montague, MI. Wish I had more pics but it’s very easy to get side tracked during these events. I will do another one this summer.

Really love this cooker.


Mike K

“Everything was awesome, I couldn’t be happier with the versatility of the SQ36″

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the great smoker. It came on Friday and I was dying to try it out as soon as I unpacked it. I got it seasoned and ready to roll then put on a ham and some chicken. Even though it was my first time using it, I found it easy to maintain the 225-250 temp. I used charcoal and hickory chunks (couldn’t get logs just yet). The ham is delicious and the chicken was awesome and didn’t dry out at all.

I was so impressed that I was eager to try grilling with it with the charcoal grill insert I ordered too. I had some nice 1 1/2″ thick strip steaks and grilled potatoes on Sunday. Being this is my first time using charcoal, it took a little longer than I anticipated to heat up but once it did, it grilled beautifully. If we weren’t leaving town this weekend, I’m sure I’d be using it again!

Thanks for the great smoker and I’m looking forward to many great bbq’s this summer.

My family and I had great Memorial Day weekend with the SQ36. Saturday we grilled using the charcoal insert plate and made Kutztown Bacon Wrapped Filets (some with Blue Cheese) and a Rosemary Veal Chop.

Sunday was my first full smoker run. We put on a brined turkey breast (your brine recipe worked great), a small pork shoulder, 2 racks of ribs and a pot of beans with apple.

Everything was awesome, I couldn’t be happier with the versatility of the SQ36. Maintaining temperature is very easy once you get the vents at the right spot.

Take Care,

Kevin Rau

“I really appreciate the versatility of the SQ36.”


It was love at first sight when I received my new SQ36! After many successful cooks…ribs, briskets, and pork butt are favorites, but also smoking fish, sausage and cheese…I really appreciate the versatility of the SQ36. The only problem I had was breaking the stub handle off one of the draft doors on the firebox. Lavern and Marlin were great about it! They had a new set of spiral handle doors made for me and shipped out no charge! The new doors are installed, they look great, and they will never break again!

Great customer support from the team at Smoky Mountain Barbecue!

Thanks, guys!

Tom Stover

Kalamazoo, mi

“The smoker makes it so easy to cook it just seems fool proof.”


I have the 250 Smoker w/42″ chicken cooker. I wouldn’t take ANYTHING for it!! I smoke butts for a restaurant, 20-40 per week just for pulled pork sandwiches. The smoker makes it so easy to cook it just seems fool proof. I can cook 20 butts in 12 hrs on 4 bags of charcoal @ 225-250 degrees. Like I said, I love it!

Charlie Watts

“Best investment I have ever made!!!”


Best investment I have ever made!!! Really delivers great results.

I have the PR60G and the TS120 mounted on the same trailer and this thing does it all! So far I have roasted turkeys, chickens and a 170 lb pig in the roaster. All of which turned out amazing. In the smoker, the real showpiece of the unit, I’ve cooked ribs, briskets, pork butts and about 70 lbs of bacon. Everything delicious. I sold out of the bacon at the local farmer’s market in about an hour! (the samples sold it) The tips and recipes on the smoky mountain website have been a world of help getting these great results.

The smoker keeps a constant temperature like a dream and even doubly so for the roaster. The last time I cooked a whole pig on a borrowed rotisserie mother nature got ugly and it was a flaming nightmare. This time she was fully willing to put the MC PR60G to the test. I set the temp, loaded the pig and down came the rain and a fair bit of wind. So I adjusted the gas to keep the heat flowing and from then on it was sweet dreams with me only getting up twice through the night to see that everything was running smoothly.

Thank you Meadow Creek for building such solid equipment and thanks to Yoder’s staff for the excellent service.


Blake Anderson


Terre It Up Catering

Alberta, Canada

“The PR60 is a wonderful cooker, making wonderful BBQ that people come back for seconds”


This past Saturday I cooked for our church group on my PR60. I cooked a case of beautiful pork butts that came out perfect on a 11 hour cook at 225 degrees. Being “old school” in my cooking techniques, I still use a burning barrel and use hickory and oak wood coals to fire the PR60. Where most people use charcoal and load their PR down with charcoal, I watch my temp and fire it up accordingly with hardwood coals. Besides making wonderful BBQ that people come back for seconds for, the old burning barrel is a perfect place for friends hang around and visit, which is the best part of a BBQ event. The PR60 Is a wonderful cooker and it can be used in many ways to cook good food on. It does a great job holding a constant temperature regardless of what you are using as fuel.


Charlie Benton

Casar, NC

“I look forward to many years of service from my pit”


Just a quick note of thank you. The pit arrived yesterday and nothing was damaged. ABF were very nice and professional. Thank you for helping me through this purchase, and I look forward to many years of service from my pit.

My outdoor cook shed’s construction will start in a few weeks. I’ll send you some photographs once everything is set up and being used.

Thank you again,

Mancel Bolton

“The best cooker I’ve ever purchased”


I’ve had my PR60T for a few months now, and it’s the best cooker I’ve ever purchased. So far I’ve done 2 catering events 2 huge family BBQ’s and 2 Tailgate Challenges. All with great results. Thanks for everything.


Edward Brown

“The quality in Meadow Creek cookers is top notch”

I have to say that my TS250 is everything that I expected and then some!! It holds the temps like a dream and does not burn much wood at all. I have had 3 BBQ cooks with it cooking ribs, pork loin and a turkey so far. Each cooked very well and had great flavor. I think the best part is being able to get it going and set the temperature and go do other jobs knowing the temps will hold. The quality in Meadow Creek cookers is top notch.

Russell Welkley

“I am very pleased with the roaster”


This was the first use of the pr72g that I purchashed this summer and I did a 210lb pig for about 200 people and they all bring side dishes to share for the annual picnic/meeting. The roaster was so efficient that the pig was done well before time so I just put it on low and it turned out great. I am very pleased with the roaster, I want to try some brisket on it next spring using wood and charcoal.


Darryl Atherton

“I am very impressed with the workmanship on this PR60 unit”

I am very impressed with the workmanship on this unit.(PR60) With proper care I have no doubt it will last a lifetime! We bought the roaster in late September, I believe, and only had the opportunity to use it a couple of times before the weather turned cold. (Maine) So far we love it and look forward to breaking it out again in the spring. Maybe Memorial Day will see the first BBQ get-together.

Chris Hardy

Edmunds’ Market, Phillips, ME

“Thank you very much for the excellent customer service while unit was enroute.”

Just wanted to let you know that we received the pig roaster and your “care package”. Everything arrived in fine condition. Thank you very much for the excellent customer service while unit was enroute. I was impressed by the prompt reply to my questions after the sale; very rare these days. We’ll be giving the roaster a workout soon.

Thanks again,

Chris Hardy

“The ribs were fantastic but your meatloaf stole the show.”

We celebrated my in laws 54th wedding anniversary today. The ribs were fantastic but your meatloaf stole the show. Not a bite left and many requests for us to cook it again next week.

Thanks again!

Joe Gibson

“Most awesome cooker that I have used from the first fire in my life!”

Hey gang,

I just wanted to send you a note on my bbq42. It is without a doubt the most awesome cooker that I have used from the first fire in my life! I cooked a few chickens for the family to start, my bros. were blown away. So I cooked 30 lbs. of chicken for the guys at work, once again blown away. I am confident that I can use this to cater small parties rite away. It will pay for itself in short order. I only wish there was a dealer closer so I could by a half dozen to rent out for family reunions. The shipping would kill me.

Awesome Awesome Awesome!

Brett Edmisten

“People couldn’t get over how moist the chicken was or how juicy the brisket was!”

Lavern and Marlin,

I finally got a chance to use my new TS120 when the temps were above freezing and it wasn’t either snowing or raining. This last Sunday I cooked for a fundraiser BBQ for Missions at church, Saint Paul United Methodist Church. The BBQ was fed just after the morning service for lunch. I cooked 4 Boston Butts and 6 Brisket Flats on the TS-120 and 20 pounds of chicken leg quarters on the BBQ26S. Everyone was pleased and loved ALL the BBQ, and we served about 75 people. One lady in the church who grew up in Memphis loved it and said she finally found real bbq in East TN.With so much cooked we had plenty left over to sell by the pound for people who wanted to some home. To say the least the fundraiser was a smashing success and they are already wanting to try this again. People couldn’t get over how moist the chicken was or how juicy the brisket was. After looking at the few bottles of BBQ Sauce they put out with the meat it became clear that most didn’t use any and says a lot about the product.

BTW, I used Meadow Creek Brisket Rub for the Brisket and Meadow Creek Traditional Rub for the Pork and Chicken.

John Moyers

“The grill is perfect!”

Lavern and Marlin,Thanks for your help. The grill is perfect! This is my 7th session on the BBQ 42.

Michael Brown

“The construction of the PR-60 is unbelievably tight and held heat better than I expected!”

Marlin and Lavern,

The PR-60 arrived on time and was put to immediate use. I hadn’t prepared my wife for the new “grill”, but that is another story. My first project was a 90lb pig (dressed) and four boston butts. I think it turned out beautifully. The construction of the PR-60 is unbelievably tight and held heat better than I expected. We can’t wait til we can have 70 more people over for BBQ.

Thank you.


“What a wonderful piece of equipment!”

Hi Marlin,

Wow! I got the big beasty smoker yesterday. What a wonderful piece of equipment! Thanks so much for your help and great communication. I’ve attached a few pictures to share with you. Please feel free to share with your brother and use on your website. I’d be honored. She definitely has all the bells and whistles!

All the best!

David E. Kloeckner

Vice President – Wealth Management Financial Advisor
The Kloeckner Group
Omaha, NE

“Great customer service and great smoker”

Thank you for the great customer service and a great smoker…. I could not be happier.

Mike Massiglia

Messy Mike’s Barbecue
Somerville, Massachusetts

“Great customer service and great smoker”


We have loved every cooking moment on our TS250 with the BBQ 42 chicken cooker. When we came to Tennessee to pick it up we had a few reservations about pulling it back half way across the US. However, it pulled like a dream, we could not have had a better traveling experience. We did get it seasoned before using it the first time but it was a close call. We have loved the way the cooker was made and the nice smooth welds. The craftsmanship is really excellent. We love the way it holds the temperature and cooks evenly. We are glad we went with a Meadow Creek cooker. We had talked with a BBQ team that has talked with you and was interested in a Meadow Creek and have hoped that we made them decide to chose your cooker.


Gary and Kay Zeit

GK Que Catering
Wheaton, Kansas

“We will be purchasing more pieces in the future.”

6 years ago I purchased a PR60GT built to my custom size specs and this spring I purchased a BBQ36G. I am absolutely impressed with both items. I have cooked approx. 100 whole hogs on my PR60 and my wife and I run a successful sandwich business using the literally ‘tons’ of brisket and pork butts we cook on the PR60 every summer. The BBQ36 was purchased for use at several of the local charity fund raisers so far it has performed flawlessly. We will be purchasing more pieces in the future.

Thank You,

Jim & Sally Olson

Wild Hogz BBQ
Hulett, WY

“Thanks for helping me be a blessing to others.”

I have never been great with grilling chicken, but with my new Meadow Creek BBQ42 I have been cooking some of the best in my life. It really makes it very simple and almost foolproof if you practice a little with it first. Thanks for helping me be a blessing to others.

Wayne Shaddon

First Methodist Church
Crossville, TN

PS… also have loved grilling steaks and burgers also nothing can beat charcoal flavoring!

“Love my new TS250!!!”

Thank you for helping make a dream come true. Every time I use my TS250, I am amazed at the product that I can create. My first festival, I cooked approximately 390lbs Pork Butt, served over 1,200 sandwich’s, 200 hot dogs and 240lbs of my Let “R” Rip Beans. And we were open from 10am to 6pm.

Chris Lester

Tumwater, WA

“That cooker sure beats any style of pig cooking I have ever done in the past.”

I bought the PR-60-T. After I got it home and read through the paperwork I went on line to Thermoworks and bought their TW PRO Kit. I cooked the first whole pig on Summer Solstice, it was about 55lbs dressed and flayed. I started with 80lbs of Kingsford charcoal and lit one end of the pile. Once I got the temperature regulated as indicated in the paperwork I set the thermocouples and let it cook. In less than 4-1/2 hours the alarm sounded and the pig was cooked to perfection. I have since cooked 2 more of the same size and have reduced the charcoal to about 30lbs and the pig still turns out perfect. That cooker sure beats any style of pig cooking I have ever done in the past. No more digging pits, cutting fire wood, burying the pig in the ground wrapped in something and tending it long enough to burn one side and undercook the other. I am older and wiser now. Your cooker is the way to go. I am so glad I found one on line. Thanks so much to Marlin. He was a joy to work with. And that hot B-B-Que sauce he recommended was a hit with the gang. They are all looking forward to the next time, probably on Labor Day.


LA Pig Cooker
Mobile, AL

“I would highly recommend the Meadow Creek Smoker.”

I would highly recommend the Meadow creek smoker. It took some getting used to for me. I love everything about it. The first few times that I used it were learning experiences for me. I had to learn to regulate the heat. I let it get too hot and had a hard time getting it back down to where I wanted it.Because I like to cook at night while I sleep, I added a guru and a 30 CFM fan. This works beautifully. I have been reading StoryQ and trying lots of new things. This BX50 Box smoker has opened up a whole new dimension for me. The water jug works great. I’ve smoked some jerky dry. My next adventure is a cured bacon from Boston Butt that is from a process used by my Yankee Brother in law. I plan on showing him how smoked bacon is done.I mostly cook butts, brisket and ribs but I am learning with each new cooking.

“You won’t find a better source than Smoky Mountain BBQ.”

I spent quite a while researching various smokers and cookers in order to increase my cooking capacity and allow me to cater larger events. I spent too many hours to mention looking at what was on the market and everything I read kept leading me back to Meadow Creek. I believe purchasing my Meadow Creek PR60T is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I continue to be impressed with the quality of this machine each time I cook. I’ve had several friends comment on how well the cooker is built and how flexible it is with the ability to smoke larger cuts of meat or have the option to grill directly. There’s never a shortage of volunteers when I ask for help because folks want to be around the cooker and watch it work. The cooker holds temperature extremely well, cooks evenly, and turns out a product that I believe anyone would be proud of! The most recent cook provided pork shoulder and brisket to over 200 people. During the event, I was asked to consider cooking for a small wedding reception in the fall and participate in a local college tailgate outing. To say this is a quality piece of cooking equipment doesn’t seem to do it justice. This thing is a beast and I look for reasons to fire it up! My hope is that the opportunities to cook will continue to multiply so I have the need for another Meadow Creek product. If you’re shopping for a professional cooker that will exceed your expectations, look no further! A good friend of mine is a very gifted carpenter and when I complimented him recently on one of his jobs, he said, “It’s all about having the right tools.” I believe the same can be said for cooking on a piece of Meadow Creek equipment! In addition to the cookers performing so well, you won’t find a better source than Smoky Mountain BBQ. My hat is off to Marlin and Lavern for their remarkable customer service, advice, and information!


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