CD120G Caterer's Delight | Barbecue Catering Trailer
CD120G Caterer's Delight
ALERT: Meadow Creek has changed the grates on all their models. Some of the photos on our website are outdated and still show expanded metal grates. Click here to read more about the new grates.
CD120G Caterer's Delight Trailer

CD120G Caterer's Delight

The workmanship on this Caterer's Delight BBQ trailer is outstanding. Designed and built by talented experts in metal fabrication and barbeque, this barbeque cooker will consistently give you superior results. When you cook on aMeadow Creek pig roaster or chicken cooker BBQ trailer, you are cooking in class!

The heavy duty wheel jack keeps the front of your BBQ trailer raised when unhooked, and the wheel on the bottom of the jack makes moving the trailer by hand a lot easier. A standard light package is included, so this barbeque trailer is equipped for the road and ready to go!

The pig cooker is perfect for smoking whole hogs, brisket, pork butts, and more. The BBQ42 Chicken Cooker with double-sided grates makes cooking chicken for a crowd fun and easy! Raise the fire with a charcoal pan insert for steaks, hamburgers, and other grilled food.

The pig roaster on this trailer is gas-fired and the chicken cooker is charcaol / wood-fired. (CD108G pictured.)

Price: $4,595.00 (USD) • Quantity:
Vinyl Cover +$225.00
Charcoal Pan Insert for Pig Roaster +$315.00
Charcoal Grill Pan for Pig Roaster +$145.00
2nd Tier Grate for Pig Roaster +$350.00
Chip Tray for Pig Roaster +$65.00
Rib Rack for Pig Roaster +$195.00
Doors in Lid for Pig Roaster +$215.00
Flat Grate for BBQ42 Chicken Cooker +$205.00
Griddle for BBQ42 Chicken Cooker +$195.00
Insulated Package for BBQ42 Chicken Cooker +$635.00
Charcoal Pullout for BBQ42 Chicken Cooker +$225.00
Replacement Stainless Steel Grate +$370.00
Replacement Thermometer +$42.00
Replacement Wheel With Tire +$125.00
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Gas Tank
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Features of the CD120G Barbecue Catering Trailer

  • Stainless Steel Grates
  • Thermometer on Pig Roaster
  • Trailer Lights
  • PR72 Charcaol / Wood-Fired Pig Roaster
  • BBQ42 Charcaol / Wood-Fired Chicken Cooker
  • 2" Ball Hitch
  • Safety Chains
  • Highway Wheels
  • E.Z. Lube Bearing
  • Wheel Jack
  • Rubber Torque Axle
  • Drip Pan in Pig Roaster
  • 8" Wheel with 18" Tires
  • Tubular Frame
  • L.P. Gas Tank Mount
  • 1" Pipe Burner
  • Painted with 1,200 degree F heat resistant paint.

Overall Dimensions47"H, 160"L x 54"W
Metal Thickness13 Gauge
Net Weight950 lbs.
Shipping Weight1,250 lbs.
BTUApproximately 82,000
Pig Roaster Specs
Grate Dimensions24" x 70"
Grate StyleWire Grid With 1/2" Spacing
2nd Tier Grate Dimensions22" x 70"
Cooking Area11.67 sq. ft. (1,680 sq. in.)
Cooking Area With 2nd Tier Grate22.36 sq. ft. (3,220 sq. in.)
Chicken Cooker Specs
Grate Dimensions22" x 40"
Grate StyleWire Grid With 1/2" Spacing
Optional Flat Grate Dimensions22" x 41"
Cooking Area6.11 sq. ft. (880 sq. in.)
Cooking Area of Flat Grate6.26 sq. ft. (902 sq. in.)

Usage Recommendations

For the PR72G Pig Roaster, a 30 lb. tank will do approximately 13 hours of cooking at 300–325 degrees.

We recommend approximately 25–30 lbs. of charcoal to cook 40 lbs. of chicken on the BBQ42. Add about 10–15 lbs. of charcoal for a second batch. For other cuts of meat, grilling, smoking, etc., put in your desired amount of charcoal.

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