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Are you concerned about protecting your family and assets in a fire emergency?

The Stop-Fyre Extinguisher is dependable, maintenance-free, instantly kills hard to reach fires, and eliminates expensive damage caused by "regular" fire extinguishers.

What You Probably Don't Know About Your Fire Extinguisher...

  • Dry chemical extinguishers fail about 1 out of 5 times—giving you false peace of mind.
  • Dry chemical can not extinguish out of reach fires, such as chimney fires.
  • Dry chemical extinguishers must be shaken every 30 days or the powder will eventually cake up inside, rendering your extinguisher useless while the fire laughs in your face.
  • Dry chemical extinguishers corrode or damage electrical parts, kitchens, stoves, etc and are very difficult and expensive to clean up after.

Dry Chemical vs. STOP-FYRE

Dry Chemical Powder


Must be shaken every month. The powder agent is so fine it often settles and solidifies which can render the extinguisher ineffective when you need it most.

No monthly service required. Because of AKE's proprietary liquefied-gas agent, which is a trade secret, you get a hassle-free extinguisher which does not need to be shaken monthly.

Must be professionally serviced every year. Annual professional inspections and servicing of dry chemical extinguishers is recommended and, in many cases, required by law.

No yearly service required. Other than a simple common-sense do-it-yourself inspection (as directed on the label), nothing needs to be done to your STOP-FYRE extinguisher except for refilling it.

Must be professionally serviced after each use. All dry chemical extinguishers require professional servicing after each use because the valve gets clogged letting the pressure leak making the unit non-functional.

Can be used multiple times until empty, then refilled professionally. Because AKE's gas agent won’t clog the valve, you get an extinguisher which, unless empty, does not need to be serviced after each use and can fight multiple fires over many years.

Difficult and expensive clean up. Fine powder floats through the air, posing serious health risks and significant loss of home or business use as the mess is properly cleaned up.

No mess or cleanup. Eliminates expensive damage and clean-up costs caused by the extinguisher to electrical components, electronics, skin, or lungs, etc.

Corrosive to electronics and metals. People who have never used a dry chemical extinguisher are unaware of how much additional damage, hassle, and expense can result from its corrosive ammonium-phosphate powder.

Non-corrosive. Our non-conductive liquefied gas agent, instantly evaporates leaving no residue. You can use STOP-FYRE on anything, knowing it will not do any additional damage.

Must have a direct shot at the base of the fire. Dry chemical limits your ability to extinguish a fire because it is a powder which is heavier than a gas. It settles and won’t go around obstructions.

Spray in vicinity of fire and gas expands. Our agent is drawn to the fire, so you can extinguish hard-to-reach hidden fires (such as in a chimney) that powder is ineffective at reaching.

Bulky and heavy. The weight and size of a typical dry chemical extinguisher can make fast access and proper usage difficult. These problems can cost you valuable time in a fire situation, resulting in greater property damage and potential loss of life.

Compact and light. Precious seconds count when fighting a fire so AKE designed STOP-FYRE with this in mind. You can mount it anywhere for quick accessibility and it’s lightweight enough that anyone can use it.

Complicated and intimidating. Proper use of dry chemical extinguishers can be very difficult. This problem costs you TIME, which can make the difference between your fire being a minor inconvenience or a major tragedy.

So easy a 4-year-old can use it. STOP-FYRE’s operation is intuitive making it faster and easier for you to put out a fire.

Breakable and no replacement guarantee. Every other fire extinguisher made only comes with a limited warranty. If the company that makes the product doesn’t believe in it enough to guarantee it, why should YOU trust it to protect what matters to you most?

Lifetime no-hassle guarantee. AKE makes the best fire extinguisher money can buy and proves it by being the only manufacturer that protects your purchase with a lifetime guarantee. AKE will replace your extinguisher even if you accidentally break it!

UL Listed. Passes commercial inspections.

No UL Listed. In situations where you need to pass commercial inspection, you can put a Stop-Fyre there and also hang a dry chemical extinguisher to satisfy the inspector.

Endorsed and Used by Fire Fighters

As the only firefighter owned and operated fire extinguisher manufacturer in the U.S., AKE has developed many strong relationships with fire departments and fire experts across America. STOP-FYRE is trusted and carried on many fire departments’ trucks because it is effective at putting out hard-to-reach, obstructed fires.

Firefighting experts have saved numerous homes, buildings, and machines with STOP-FYRE. You can learn about their experiences in the video testimonials below.

"As a fire chief, I highly recommend this fire extinguisher."

"STOP-FYRE is the world's best fire extinguisher."

"Put the fire out very fast... no mess whatsoever."

"I recommend it to everybody."


Watch these videos to learn how unique STOP-FYRE extinguishers are.

Safe in the kitchen.

Safe on electronics and electrical boxes.

Safe on skin.


Moves around obstructions.

Extinguish chimney fires easily.

STOP-FYRE in Action

Watch a fascinating compilation of STOP-FYRE extinguishers putting out fires!

Customer Testimonials

Watch these video reviews from STOP-FYRE owners.

Larry R.

STOP-FYRE puts out a fire that impresses the fire departments.

Harold P. / Tyler S.

“I was just a ball of flames and he put me out with STOP-FYRE and if STOP-FYRE can save me, what can it do for you?”

Bob N.

STOP-FYRE works when nothing else does.

Harold P.

“The size of the fire was such that I couldn’t see the vehicle anymore.”

Dave Dann

STOP-FYRE puts out many tractor fires quickly and effectively.

Dave Drenckhahn

“My dry chemical extinguisher never fazed the fire. STOP-FYRE’s got more punch.”

More Satisfied STOP-FYRE Customers...

Aden M. Utica, MN

I used STOP-FYRE on a chimney/stove pipe fire. I was very concerned I would lose the house. I grabbed my STOP-FYRE that I just bought a week before and pulled the trigger and the fire was out. I am really glad I had prepared and had this extinguisher to use. I was concerned about having enough for another fire, but AKE refilled my extinguisher and only charged me for the amount of STOP-FYRE I used. After this great experience I bought even more. And would you believe it—I have had another fire since then and thankfully I had my STOP-FYRE right at hand to save my home.

Menno M. St. Charles, MN

A couple of weeks ago on a very windy Sunday evening, we discovered our chimney was burning with fire and sparks shooting out. So we took this AKE fire extinguisher and shot in about 3 to 5 shots and it immediately shut down. We felt very lucky to have them on hand as it was burning pretty hot. $500 sounds like a lot of money, but to think about losing our house and barn combination full of horses, $500 doesn’t look like much. An investment we don’t regret.

Steve H. Spring Valley, MN

Only two weeks after I purchased my STOP-FYRE units, my forklift had a propane leak and caught on fire in my shed containing more than $500,000 work of corn and soybean seed. We used the STOP-FYRE unit and before you could say “out”, the fire was out. This fire could have destroyed my entire machine shop and 7,000 bags of seed. I have since recommended this product to my friends.

Dorcas D. Bradford, TN

We saw the ad a year ago, but thought there was no need to spend that much money on a fire extinguisher. However, after what happened last week, we wish we had because the cheaper fire extinguisher we had on our baler did not work and we lost our baler. So, in hindsight, paying more and having a top quality fire extinguisher would have been a much better choice. So, we are ready to order now!

R. Yoder Belleville, PA

We had a propane fire in the house and it was real hot. We would have definitely lost our house, or half of it, if we had waited until the fire company would have come, had we not had that fire extinguisher. We only had a small spot on the ceiling and the side of the door from the fire.

E. Gingerich Cresco, IA

We were unaware that we had a bad chimney in our woodworking shop until we smelled smoke. Upon checking it out, there were flames that started on a 2×4. A few blasts of the STOP-FYRE put it out and saved the building. In the house, an oil stove started burning wild. Again a few shots from the STOP-FYRE put the fire out instantly. it was definitely a good investment.

What's Inside a STOP-FYRE Extinguisher?

How does STOP-FYRE Work?

Is STOP-FYRE safe around people and animals?

How long will the unit spray?

How many years will STOP-FYRE Last?

How long has AKE been in business?

How does the refill process work?

How much do STOP-FYRE extinguishers cost? What is the price?

What kinds of fire extinguishers are on the market?

How type of fire will STOP-FYRE put out?

What does the gauge on the Premium STOP-FYRE measure?

Does STOP-FYRE freeze?

Will I get a discount on my insurance by owning a STOP-FYRE?


If you purchase a Stop-Fyre extinguisher from us, and get cold feet about it, you are welcome to return the product to us for a full refund within 30 days. However, we can only offer a refund if the gas has not been dispensed since the gas is the most expensive part.

Dry Chemical vs. STOP-FYRE


Lifetime Guarantee: AKE guarantees that if any of their fire safety equipment is EVER not in working condition, they will repair or replace it with a new unit of equal or greater value, even if you have accidentally broken it. (Does not apply if the product is abused, altered, vandalized, or if customer attempts to defraud AKE. This guarantee is limited to the replacement of the unit only.)

Launch Special—20% off + FREE Shipping!

Standard STOP-FYRE

Great for home, shop, barn, machinery, etc.


  • 1000 grams of agent
  • Mounting Bracket (with self-tapping screws)
  • Size: 3" x 6" x 11"

Retail: $550 
Launch Special: $440

Free Shipping!


DOT-compliant (with pressure gauge).


  • 1000 grams of agent
  • Gauge to satisfy inspections
  • Mounting Bracket (with self-tapping screws)
  • Size: 3" x 6" x 12"

Retail: $660
Launch Special: $528

Free shipping!

Yoder's Smoky Mountain Barbecue is an authorized dealer for AKE. We have these fire extinguishers in stock at our Kalona, Iowa warehouse ready for shipping or local pickup.

This is your chance to get a 1,000 gram unit for a deep discount! AKE made some changes to their units after we purchased our inventory, so this launch special is for the older models. AKE's new Standard model now includes a pressure gauge and retails for $600 and the Premium model is discontinued. The gauge is mostly useful for proving to an inspector that the extinguisher is still fully charged since you can shake and feel if there is still agent in it.

Jason H. Minneapolis, MN

“We recently had a router bit melt and burn the bed on our CNC. With a few seconds blast from AKE’s STOP-FYRE™ fire extinguisher, it was out. The machine and the material were saved without any damage to either of them and there was no residual residue from the extinguisher to harm the machine. Thanks for a great product!”Jason H., Minneapolis, MN

Justin F. Kensett, IA

The #1 reason I purchased 11 STOP-FYRE units for my farm is simple—I don’t want to have to shake them each month or have then serviced every year. This saves me precious time and money. STOP-FYRE is hassle free and over time will more than pay for itself.

Chris R. Elgin, MN

My father, brother, and I are partners and when our sales rep tried to sell us STOP-FYRE we gave him every excuse we could think of not to buy. We thought they were too expensive to purchase – my goodness. $500 for a fire extinguisher! How did we know if the company would be around long enough to honor their guarantee? So many others have promised so much, but not delivered. AND we had never had a fire on our farm. I just couldn’t see spending money on something we may never use. Fortunately, our sales rep was persistent enough to stick with us until we bought. This last fall 2010, and we had two fires on our combine—our first during bean harvest and the second during corn. After using STOP-FYRE, I believe it is worth every penny. We may have spent $1,500 on fire extinguishers,but we saved a $400,000 combine and I believe that is the cheapest insurance I have ever bought.”

Dan L. Holy Cross, IA

I purchased 6 STOP-FYRE extinguishers in the spring of 2012. I put 1 in my house and gave 1 to each of my 4 kids as gifts. In October of 2012, my daughter had a grease fire on her stove and was able to put the fire out with ease. The best gift a father could give to a child!