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BBQ Smokers, Pig Roasters, Chicken Cookers, and Grills From Meadow Creek

FAQs on Us and Our Meadow Creek Equipment

Are any of your barbeque cookers gas-fired?

Yes, any of our 3 sizes of pig roasters are available with a propane gas burner. Our BBQ60G flat top grill is also gas-fired.

Can you send me a printed catalog?

Yes, just fill out our catalog request form. Or you can click here to download a PDF version of our catalog.

Do you sell parts for your barbeque cookers?

Yes, you can buy individual parts, such as grates and lids.

Do you sell used barbeque cookers?

No, all of our cookers are brand new.

Pig Roaster Questions

What is the height of the charcoal pullout on your pig roasters?

The Charcoal Pullout Pan is 4 inches high.

Do you have a pig roaster with a rotisserie?

No, our pig roasters cook so evenly that a rotisserie is a waste.

Can I burn gas and charcoal at the same time in your pig cookers?

No, but if you want the option of burning both gas and charcoal in the same unit, you can add a charcoal insert to a gas-fired pig roaster. The charcoal insert is a heavy pan that covers the gas burner and lets you burn wood or charcoal without getting ashes in the gas burner. You can also set a 12" x 24" chip tray over the burner to burn wet wood chips or chunks to create smoke.

Shipping and Ordering Questions

Can you ship my cooker to me?

Sure, we ship to anywhere in the United States that the freight company delivers to.

What is the cost on the freight?

We will be happy to give you a freight quote, but we need to know what unit you are interested in, any options you want, and the place it would ship to. Use our online freight quote request form or free no-obligation freight request.

Can I pick up my barbecue cooker?

Meadow Creek Welding only sells through their dealers, and doesn't handle retail sales. If we have what you want in stock in Pikeville, TN, you may pick it up there for no extra charge. Otherwise, you should expect to pay freight to get the cooker delivered to you.

If you purchase a large Ultimate Caterer trailer, we may be able to arrange local pickup at Meadow Creek Welding in New Holland, PA.

What is your turn-around time?

If a unit is not in inventory, it typically takes approximately 6–10 weeks to manufacture it. This depends on the unit you order and the time of year.

If you have a question that's not listed here, please don't hesitate to ask! Call or e-mail Marlin for help in choosing the barbeque cooker that will meet your needs.